Upcoming play2earn metaverse of 10K NFT plots

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"THE_MAN_WHO_SOLD_THE_WORLD" is erc721 Non-Fungible Token Standard smart contract on Ethereum blockchain (aka NFT), allowing individuals to mint, own, transfer and sell $WORLD tokens represented by names of large cities.

$WORLD tokens act as a proof or ownership of corresponding plots in the metaverse.

Total number of tokens = 10000

Tokens with names = 4519

Claim price = 0.01ETH

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2021 Q2

Platform launch

Public sale

Daily twitter giveaway campaign

2021 Q3

Mobile support

Token statistics / activity tab

Personal account

2021 Q4

Metaverse integration

Main gameplay mechanics

2022 Q1

Metaverse refinement

Resources integration

Buildings, roads integration

2022 Q2

Metaverse refinement

Products integration

Governance integration

2022 Q3

DAO integration

Conversion to DAPP


Main concept

Metaverse (aka virtual world), that will resemble the real world in its shape, physics, social behavior, economic models as much as technically possible

The world

Metaverse will be spherical, consisting of 10k plots (voronoi cells, based on 4519 coordinates of 100k+ population cities and 5481 randomly distributed points on a globe), with relief based on real world topography data. Scale of metaverse will be between 1:100 and 1:500 (exact scale will be announced later). Both land and water plots will be allowed to be built on


3rd person RPG type gameplay with functions like: walk, drive, talk, interact, fight, shoot, get killed, own products and properties, buy and sell

Travel mechanics

Teleportation will be available only to plot/real estate owners, only within the range of owned properties. New and homeless users will have to travel the world manually, and will be teleported randomly nearby one of the owned plots when entering metaverse. Products (ex. cars, weapons) will not be teleportable as well, even if purchased on external marketplaces, they will have to be manually delivered. Rare teleportation products will be available to ignore fast travel restrictions

Plot access

Plot owners will have no ability to restrict access to any user programmatically, but will be able to set up defense products (ex. security robots) to eliminate users with no real estate on their plot. Therefore, real estate may act as an access token if the plot owner decides to introduce access restrictions

Gun control

Plot owners will have no ability to restrict weapon use to any user programmatically, but will be able to set up defense products (ex. security robots) to eliminate users from holding weapons


Everyday resources in the form of erc20 tokens will be airdropped on plots for anyone to claim. Both plot owners and users will have same rights to claim resources, while plot owners will have an advantage to set up defense products to secure the goods. Specific types and amounts of resources will be randomly assigned to each plot, and same as in real world, some of those will be very rare. Resources will be used (burned) to build real estate and create products. Backed by erc20 tokens, resources can be traded


Building style and color scheme will be randomly assigned to each plot, creating architectural diversity which will be exciting to explore. Building systems will be similar to Lego bricks, allowing users to build vertical cities. Each building block will be backed by an erc721 token on a smart contract dedicated to real estate. Buildings by type will include residential (houses and apartment buildings), commercial (shops and galleries) and industrial (factories and workshops). Residential buildings will provide users with plot access (in case of restriction), teleportation to owned real estate and walls to showcase owned NFTs. Commercial buildings will serve to sell products or NFTs. Industrial buildings will burn resources to create products


Products will include cars, weapons, skins, robots, yachts, planes and so on. Product designs and attributes will be randomly generated at the moment of creation. Each product will be backed by an erc721 token on a smart contract dedicated to the particular product type